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Anna Duś
phone. 517 870 820
skype: ania.agro

Karolina Poździej
phone. 517 492 966
skype: karolina.agro

We are interested in purchasing/selling frozen pork, poultry, and beef products in ton or truckload quantities.
We can also arrange our own transportation.

Our main trade items include::
- Pork heads and trotters
- Pork and poultry skins
- Fats, lard
- Pork, beef, and poultry offal
- Small poultry cuts, known as trimmings
- Throats, gizzards, lungs, and tracheas
- Hams, shoulders, knuckles
- Bones, meat and bone meal
- Category 3 materials and materials for pet food
- Others

Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or Skype for further inquiries!

Pork Meat
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Beef Meat
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Poultry Meat
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